Practice Management

Sustainability and Ethical Purchasing (CPE33)

Unit Code: CPE33
CPE Hours: 2
Enrolment term: 60 days
Price: $120.00 including GST
Resources: Internet and computer or tablet.

Objective: We trust you will find this program informative and useful, and you might become an advocate for sustainability with your customers, particularly preserving the environment and in doing so - helping your business.

This program covers the following topics:

1. What is sustainability?
2. Practices of governments and businesses that support sustainability
3. Sustainability and ethics in procurements practices
4. Buying Australian - supporting our local and national communities.

Duration: 70 minutes to complete the online learning module. A further 20 minutes is allocated to complete the short Quiz.
Pass Mark: 80% pass mark overall.
Attempts: Two (2).

Accreditation: Approved CPE Details/Format: Online Outcome/Learning: Sustainability, Ethics in Purchasing and... Type: Structured Evidence of Completi...: Certificate CPE Hours: 2

  • Learning Resource
  • Sustainable Procurement Education - Local Government NSW
  • Quiz
  • Feedback - How did we do?
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever