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Salary Sacrifice and STP Phase 2 Webinar (W-CPE03)

Title: Salary Sacrifice and STP Phase 2 Webinar (Recorded Webinar)
Webinar Code: W-CPE03
CPE Hours: 1
Cost: $88.00, including GST

Objective: In this webinar, we explore the fundamentals of salary packaging arrangements and additional allowances, as well as delve into the concept of disaggregation and reporting through STP Phase 2. You can watch this super informative webinar presented by our industry experts at your leisure.

What we cover:

- Salary Sacrifice versus Salary Packaging
- What is included in salary packaging arrangements
- Impacts of salary packaging
- LAFHA, purchased leave, novated leases
- Key Concepts of STP Phase 2
- "Disaggregation" from Gross
- Allowances and deductions
- The tricky All-Purpose allowance
- Income statements and STP Phase 2 reporting
- Reporting on Activity Statements.

We also share some handy resources you can refer to when needed.

Note: The webinar will be available for 90 days.

Accreditation: TPB-Compliant CPE Details/Format: Recorded Webinar Outcome/Learning: Gain a firm understanding of Salary Sacr... Type: Structured Evidence of Completi...: Certificate CPE Hours: 1

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