STP Phase 2 Simplified! (CPE37)
Payroll and HR
STP Phase 2 Simplified! (CPE37)
Unit Code: CPE37 TPB-Compliant CPE: Yes CPE Hours: 3 hours Enrolment term: 90 Days Price: $165.00, including GST Overview: Whether you are new to the STP Phase 2 system or looking to refresh your knowledge, this course is for you. By the end of...
Managing Family and Domestic Violence Leave (CPE55)
Payroll and HR
Managing Family and Domestic Violence Leave (CPE55)
Unit Code: CPE55 TAE-compliant CPE: Yes CPE Hours: 2 hours Enrolment term: 30 days Price: $66.00 including GST Overview: Throughout this short program, you will gain an understanding of family and domestic violence, the new paid leave...
Environmental Stewardship (CPE61)
Practice Management
Environmental Stewardship (CPE61)
Unit Code: CPE61 CPE Hours: 1 Enrolment term: 60 Days Price: $45.00, including GST Resources: Internet and computer or tablet. Objective: The purpose of this learning program is to gain an understanding of “Environmental Stewardship.”...

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