Productivity and Soft Skills

Mastering Excel 2016 (CPE06)

Unit Code: CPE06
Unit Title: Mastering Excel 2016
TPB compliant CPE: Yes
CPE Hours: 4 CPE hours gained on completion
Price: $97.00 including GST

Objective: This course covers everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel 2016, from the very basics to the most advanced features and functions. If you’ve mastered Microsoft Excel 2016 then you have one of the most practical and valuable skill sets in all of modern business. A spreadsheet guru can work wonders – from organising lists, to creating multi-layered, interactive reports, to revealing answers to business-critical questions like ROI, budget allocations, analysing figures and more.

Master Excel 2016, and see how useful it is – from formatting your reports to calculating complex ROI values. Even if you are an experienced Excel user, the Microsoft Certified Trainers will upskill you with everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel 2016, including:

• The basics of Functions and Formulas
• Managing Workbook properties
• Sorting, Filtering, and Summarizing Data
• Creating PivotTables and Pivot Charts
• Using Scenarios and Goal Seek
• Working with Macros
• Using Data Forms and Form Controls

Enrolment term: 90 days

Resources: Internet, computer and Excel!

690 mins | SCORM

Accreditation: NA Details/Format: Excel skills and efficiencies - Online Outcome/Learning: Increase skills and application of MS Ex... Type: Structured Evidence of Completi...: Certificate CPE Hours: 4

Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever