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STP Phase 2 Simplified! (CPE37)

Unit Code: CPE37
TPB-Compliant CPE: Yes
CPE Hours: 3 hours
Enrolment term: 90 Days
Price: $165.00, including GST

Overview: Whether you are new to the STP Phase 2 system or looking to refresh your knowledge, this course is for you. By the end of the course, you will clearly understand the STP Phase 2 requirements and be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to comply with the new reporting standards. This course is designed to help you navigate the changes and updates to the STP system introduced in Phase 2. As a business owner or payroll professional, staying current with the latest requirements and guidelines is crucial to ensure compliance and accuracy for payroll reporting.

Throughout the course, we will cover the expanded data requirements, the new STP disaggregation requirements, and how to implement and manage STP Phase 2. We will also provide you with practical tools and tips that you can use to streamline the payroll reporting processes and avoid common mistakes.

On successful completion, you will be awarded a Statement of Achievement from My CPE.

Important Information:
Resources: Internet, computer and your time!
Duration: 3 hours
Mode of Delivery: Online

Pass Mark: 80% pass mark overall (Just a few simple quiz questions)

Assessment Attempts: Two (2).

Join us to learn how to navigate STP Phase 2!

Accreditation: TPB Compliant CPE Details/Format: Online course Outcome/Learning: Learn the complexities of STP Phase 2, a... Type: Structured Evidence of Completi...: Certificate CPE Hours: 3

  • Learner Resource
  • Quiz
  • Resources and Templates
  • List of Payments Reported by Tuple
  • Guide-Move to Single Touch Payroll Phase 2
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever